Datsei, Vasyl

Datsei, Vasyl [Дацей, Василь; Dacej, Vasyl'], b 14 January 1936 in Vyrava, Prešov region. Writer and journalist in Slovakia. For some time in the 1960s Datsei worked as the Ukrainian literature editor at the Slovak Publishing House in Prešov, but he was dismissed from his post after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and for many years could only work as manual laborer. Only in 1980 he was allowed to work as editor for the Prešov Ukrainian National Theater. Residing in Bratislava after 1982, Datsei headed the Association of Ukrainian Writers in Slovakia (1990–2003). Besides having written numerous articles in Druzhno vpered and Duklia, he is the author of satirical stories (My i nashi znaiomi [We and Our Acquaintances], 1961), psychological stories (Monolohy [Monologues], 1967), and several novellas and novels: Ochi nevyraznoho koloru (Eyes of Unclear Color, 1965), Zustrichi (Meetings, 1973), and Zirky lysh merekhtiat' (The Stars Only Flicker, 1983), Soniachnyi verkh (Sunny Mountain Peak, 1984), Korinnia (Roots, 1988), and others.

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