Ukrainian National Theater, Prešov

Ukrainian National Theater, Prešov (Український національний театр; Ukrainskyi natsionalnyi teatr). A professional musical-drama touring theater organized in 1946 for the Ukrainian national minority in Czechoslovakia. Also known as the Ukrainian People’s Theater, in 1957 it became a drama theater, and in 1961 a resident theater in Prešov. Since its first production, of Mykhailo Starytsky’s Oi ne khody, Hrytsiu ... (Don’t Go to Parties, Hryts ...) in 1946, the Ukrainian National Theater has staged over 300 plays. Its repertoire spans the works of local Ukrainian authors, classical Ukrainian dramatists, Czech and Slovak authors, and world classical dramatists as well as the works of modern Western, Eastern European, and Soviet dramatists. Yurii Sherehii, Ivan Hryts-Duda, Vladimir Libovicki, V. Bavoliar, Yo. Felbaba, and Ya. Sysak have worked as directors; M. and P. Symko, Yosyp Korba and M. Korba, Yu. Yakub, and A. Lutsyk as actors. From 1985 its artistic director was I. Ivancho. In 1990 it was renamed the Dukhnovych Theater in honor of Oleksander Dukhnovych.

Ukraïns'kyi natsional'nyi teatr na sluzhbi narodu (Prešov 1976)

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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