Mykolaiv (Lviv region)

Image - A view of Mykolaiv, Lviv oblast. Image - A view of Mykolaiv, Lviv oblast.

Mykolaiv (Lviv region) [Mykolajiv]. Map: IV-4. A city (2005 pop 16,218) and raion center in Lviv oblast. It was founded before 1570, and received the rights of Magdeburg law in 1578. In 1917 Mykolaiv was a training center of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. In 1919 the Lviv Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army fought a battle with the Polish army nearby. The town's chief enterprises are a cement-mining complex and a building-materials factory. The 10th-century Stilsko fortified settlement was discovered in 1984 in the vicinity of Mykolaiv.

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Image - A building-materials factory in Mykolaiv, Lviv oblast.

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