National All-Ukrainian Musical Association

National All-Ukrainian Musical Association (National’na vseukraïns’ka muzychna spilka). A voluntary association of professional musicians and amateurs. Founded in 1959 as the Choral Society of the Ukrainian SSR, it became the Music and Choral Society of the Ukrainian SSR in 1967, Music Society of the Ukrainian SSR in 1975, and was renamed in 1990 as the All-Ukrainian Musical Association. In 1998 it became the National All-Ukrainian Musical Association. The society includes 17 specialized subsections and 28 regional branches. It organizes music competitions, festivals, master classes, and training seminars for the conductors of amateur choirs and instrumental ensembles. The society has been headed by Pylyp Kozytsky (1959–60), Serhii Kozak (1960–73), Mykola Kondratiuk (1973–85), Dmytro Hnatiuk (1985–90), and Anatolii Avdiievsky (since 1990). In 2008 its membership included over 2,000 professional musicians.

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