Nationalist Organization of Ukrainian Students in Germany

Nationalist Organization of Ukrainian Students in Germany [Націоналістична організація українських студентів в Німеччині; Natsionalistychna orhanizatsiia ukrainskykh studentiv v Nimechchyni, or НОУС; NOUS]. A student umbrella organization centered in Berlin that co-ordinated the activities of Ukrainian émigré student societies and branches of NOUS in Central Europe in 1941–5. It succeeded the Union of Ukrainian Student Organizations in Germany and Danzig, which dissolved in the wake of the schism in the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in 1940. In 1944 NOUS had 662 members—285 in Vienna, 46 in Graz, 135 in Prague, 83 in Berlin, 40 in Breslau, 23 in Danzig, 24 in Leipzig, and smaller numbers in Munich, Göttingen, Freiburg, Dresden, Innsbruck, and Leoben. Thirty percent of them were medical students, and 20 percent were technological students. In January 1945 NOUS changed its name from ‘Nationalist’ to ‘National.’ Its official organ was Biuleten’ NOUS-a (15 issues, 1942–3). NOUS was headed by V. Rudko (1941–4) and Eugene Pyziur (1945–7). Notable members included A. Kozak, Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky, B. Plaskach, Omeljan Pritsak, and Bohdan Tsymbalisty.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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