Novyny («Новини»; News). A newspaper published in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1913–22. It began to appear in January 1913 as the weekly organ of the (short-lived) National Association of Alberta. It later appeared twice and then three times a week before folding in late 1915. The paper was renewed in December 1917 by the People's Home in Edmonton. It appeared weekly and then semiweekly before expiring in January 1922. Perhaps the most professional Ukrainian-Canadian paper of the time, Novyny reported on world-wide political developments, concentrating on Ukraine and Canada. It strongly supported the bilingual schools in the prairie provinces and devoted considerable attention to the practical problems facing Ukrainian-Canadian farmers. Novyny did much to encourage the development of Ukrainian consciousness, although it shifted from its initial ‘all-Ukrainian’ focus to an increasingly partisan Conservative and Catholic one fairly early in its history. It criticized Russophiles in Canada and very early stopped using the term ‘Ruthenian’ in favor of ‘Ukrainian.’ The publisher and editor of Novyny was Roman Kremar.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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