Oksenovych-Starushych, Ihnatii

Oksenovych-Starushych, Ihnatii [Оксенович-Старушич, Ігнатій; Oksenovyč-Starušyč, Ihnatij], b ?, d 30 October 1651 in Kyiv. Orthodox theologian and churchman. He served as hegumen of the monastery and rector of the college in Hoshcha, Volhynia (1639–40); archimandrite of the Kyivan Cave Monastery (1640); professor at and rector of the Kyivan Mohyla College; and hegumen of the Kyiv Epiphany Brotherhood Monastery (1640–2). Together with Isaia Kozlovsky-Trofymovych and Yosyf Kononovych-Horbatsky, he represented the Ukrainian Orthodox church at the 1642 church council in Iaşi that ratified Metropolitan Petro Mohyla’s confession of the faith. He published a eulogy for Prince Illia Sviatopolk-Chetvertynsky in 1641.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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