Ostrohradsky [Остроградський; Ostrohrads’kyj]. A family of Cossack starshyna and, later, Russian imperial nobility in the Poltava region. The progenitor was Ivan, a 17th-century fellow of the standard. His son, Matvii Ostrohradsky, was judge of Myrhorod regiment (1715–34). Matvii's sons were Fedir, the captain of Hovtva company (1723–35) and judge (1735–52) and colonel (1752–68) of Myrhorod regiment; Hryhorii, the captain of Omelnyk company (1729–60); and Ivan, a fellow of the standard until ca 1760. The family produced many captains of Hovtva company, the last being Volodymyr (1770–83). Notable Ostrohradskys after the abolition of the Hetman state included Matvii (ca 1786 to 1849), a lieutenant colonel and marshal of the nobility in Kremenchuk (1838–41); the mathematician Mykhailo V. Ostrohradsky (1801–62); Vsevolod (b 1843), a Russian cavalry colonel and inspector general; Vasyl (b 1857), the Russian deputy minister of trade and commerce in 1906–10; Vasyl (b 1865), a representative of Poltava gubernia in the Third Russian State Duma (1907–12); Oleksander (1852–1907), a pedagogue and director of the school for the deaf and mute in Saint Petersburg; Orest (b 1868), a professor of financial law from 1895 at Dorpat (Tartu) University; and Mykhailo Ostrohradsky (1870–1921), a rear admiral of the Black Sea Fleet.

Oleksander Ohloblyn

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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