Paliiv, Dmytro

Paliiv, Dmytro [Паліїв, Дмитро; Palijiv], b 17 May 1896 in Perevozets, Kalush county, Galicia, d 19 or 20 July 1944 in Brody, Galicia. Political and military leader and journalist; brother of Kekyliia Paliiv. During the First World War he was an officer in the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. As organizational officer of the Ukrainian Military Committee he was largely responsible for the success of the November Uprising in Lviv, 1918. After the war he was a founding member of the clandestine Ukrainian Military Organization (UVO) and became a member of its supreme command (1921–6). He was one of the founding members of the Ukrainian Party of National Work (UPNR), an UVO front organization, and coedited its journal Zahrava. He was also chief editor of Novyi chas (1923–33, with some interruptions). After breaking with the UVO he led the UPNR into the new Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance (UNDO). He sat on the central committee of the UNDO (1925–33) and was elected as a candidate of the Bloc of National Minorities to the Polish Sejm in 1928. When the Sejm was dissolved in 1930, Paliiv was arrested along with other Ukrainian deputies, and spent three years in prison. A leading opponent of the Normalization policy, he was expelled from the UNDO in 1933 and founded the Front of National Unity. Paliiv edited its newspapers Bat’kivshchyna (1934–9) (see Batkivshchyna) and Ukraïns’ki visty (1935–9). During the 1939 Soviet invasion of Galicia he escaped to Krynytsia (Krynica) in the German-occupied Lemko region and remained aloof from political life until 1943, when he helped organize the Division Galizien. He served as captain and political adjutant to the division’s commander and was killed in the Battle of Brody.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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