Pereiaslav eparchy

Pereiaslav eparchy [Переїславська епархія; Pereiaslavska eparkhiia]. One of the oldest eparchies of the Ukrainian Orthodox church. Established soon after the Christianization of Ukraine, it was one of only three original eparchies in Left-Bank Ukraine. After the city of Pereiaslav was razed during the Mongol invasion of 1239 and went into decline, the eparchy ceased to exist. In 1702 a vicar bishop to the Kyivan metropolitan was established in Pereiaslav, but in 1733 the Pereiaslav eparchy was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Holy Synod. From 1701 to 1795 twelve hierarchs occupied the see, including Arsenii Mohyliansky. After the abolition of the Hetman state and the creation of gubernias in Ukraine, the territory of the eparchy was included in Poltava gubernia and the new Poltava eparchy.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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