Pryluky regiment

Pryluky regiment. An administrative territory and military formation of the Hetman state (see Regimental system). It was formed in 1648 at the outbreak of Bohdan Khmelnytsky's uprising (see Cossack-Polish War) but was soon greatly reduced in size. In 1649 it had 20 companies, with a total of 2,100 registered Cossacks. It suffered heavy losses in Martyn Pushkar's revolt and the Cossack-Muscovite War (1657–9). In the 1720s it consisted of only eight companies, with 3,300 Cossacks and 7,000 peasants. By the end of the century the regiment had 11 companies and a population of 69,200, including 10,900 elect Cossacks and 9,700 Cossack helpers. A number of its colonels served on the general officer staff of the Hetmanate, and one of them, Petro Doroshenko (1657–9), became hetman of Right-Bank Ukraine. The regiment also spawned two traitors, whom Peter I rewarded for their treason with a colonelcy: I. Nos (1708–14), who led the Russians into Hetman Ivan Mazepa's capital, Baturyn, and Hnat Galagan (1714–39), who helped them capture the Zaporozhian Sich.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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