Rozhansky, Dmytro

Rozhansky, Dmytro [Рожанський, Дмитро; Rožanskij], b 1 September 1882 in Kyiv, d 27 September 1936 in Leningrad. Physicist and radio engineer; corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences from 1933. A graduate of Saint Petersburg University (1904), he worked at Göttingen University and the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical Institute. In 1911 he became a professor at Kharkiv University, where he conducted extensive radio-physics research and founded what became known as the Kharkiv school of radio-physics. Rozhansky moved to RSFSR in 1921, first to the Radio Laboratory at Nizhnii Novgorod and in 1923 to Leningrad, where he became a professor at the polytechnical institute. His research on ultrahigh-frequency radio waves was instrumental in the early development of the Soviet pulsed radar system.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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