Samiilenko, Stepan

Samiilenko, Stepan [Самійленко, Степан; Samijlenko], b 25 December 1906 in Stanislav, Kherson gubernia, d 26 October 1977 in Zaporizhia. Linguist and educator. A graduate of the Kherson Institute of People's Education (1930), he taught at the Poltava Pedagogical Institute, Luhansk Pedagogical Institute, and the Zaporizhia Pedagogical Institute. He published over 110 works, including articles on the science of linguistics, the history of Ukrainian grammar, and the language of various writers. His most important work was Narysy z istorychnoï morfolohiï ukraïns'koï movy (Essays in the Historical Morphology of the Ukrainian Language, 2 vols, 1964, 1970). He coauthored the textbooks Istorychna hramatyka ukraïns'koï movy (A Historical Grammar of the Ukrainian Language, 1st edn 1957; 2nd edn 1962) and Porivnial'na hramatyka ukraïns'koï ta rosiis'koï mov (A Comparative Grammar of the Ukrainian and Russian Languages, 1961), and wrote the introduction to Istoriia ukraïns'koï movy: Morfolohiia (History of the Ukrainian Language: Morphology, 1978).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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