Savytska, Ivanna

Savytska, Ivanna [Савицька, Іванна; Savyc'ka; née Trashnevska], b 14 March 1914 in Oparivka, Krosno county, Galicia, d 2011 in the United States. Writer; wife of Roman Savytsky and mother of Roman Savytsky Jr. Her poems, fairy tales, stories for children, plays, songs, games, and riddles were first published in the 1930s in the Galician periodicals Vohni, Ukraïns’kyi Beskyd, Mii pryiatel’, Svit dytyny, and Ukraïns’ke doshkillia. A postwar refugee in the United States since 1949, she has contributed to émigré papers and children’s and women’s periodicals. She is the author of the verse collections Sertse (Heart, 1953), Molodi pisni (Young Songs, 1957, with music by Mykola Fomenko), and Nezabud'ky (Forget-me-nots, 1959); the story collections Nasha khatka (Our Little House, 1957), Zoloti dzvinochky (Golden Bellflowers, 1958), Try kazochky (Three Fairy Tales, 1961), and Dennyk Romtsia (Little Roman’s Journal, 1963); the plays Kazka-fantaziia (A Fairy Tale–Fantasy), Spliacha korolivna (The Sleeping Princess), and Hist' iz neba (A Guest from Heaven, 1955); and the feuilleton collection Z ptashynoho letu (From a Bird’s-eye View, 1974).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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