Shekhovych, Severyn

Shekhovych, Severyn [Шехович, Северин; Šexovyč], 1829–72. Galician journalist and writer. In the 1840s he was a member of a Russophile literary and civic circle known as the Pogodin Colony. He edited and published the first women’s periodicals in Galicia, Lada (1853) and the women’s newspaper Rusalka (1868–70), and served as editor or coeditor of many newspapers: Zoria halytska (1854), Semeinaia biblioteka (1855–6), Pys’mo do hromady (1864–5), Shkola (1865), Hospodar (Lviv) (1869), Pravotar’ (1868–9), and Chytanka (1879, 1886). He also wrote verses and novelettes in the yazychiie, including Pavlyna Petrovna (1855) and Popadianka i popadehrafiianka (The Priest’s Daughter and the Priest-Count’s Daughter, 1862).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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