Zoria halytska

Zoria halytska [«Зоря галицька»] (Galician Star). The first Ukrainian-language newspaper, published in Lviv weekly from May 1848, semiweekly in 1849–52, and then weekly again to 1857 (a total of 717 issues). As the organ of the Supreme Ruthenian Council until 1850, the paper stressed the separateness of the Ukrainian nation and the ethnic unity of Ukrainians in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire. In 1850–4 Zoria halytska was funded by the Stauropegion Institute and controlled by Russophiles. Throughout most of this period it was called Zoria halytskaia and was published in the artificial Ukrainian-Russian yazychiie. It was a journal from 1853. In late 1854 it was taken over by Ukrainophiles, but financial difficulties forced it to fold. Zoria halytska published news and articles on political, economic, religious, and community affairs. From 1850 it devoted much attention to literature. It was actively supported by the Greek Catholic clergy, and in 1853–4 it published a religious supplement, Poucheniia tserkovnyia. The paper was edited by Antin Paventsky (1848–50), M. Kossak (1850), Ivan Hushalevych (1850–3), B. Didytsky (1853–4), Severyn Shekhovych (1854), Pliaton Kostetsky (1855–6), and Mykola Savchynsky (1857).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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