Hushalevych, Ivan

Hushalevych, Ivan [Гушалевич, Іван; Hušalevyč], b 4 December 1823, Paushivka, Chortkiv county, Galicia, d 2 June 1903 in Lviv. Priest, publicist, and writer. As a student at the Greek Catholic Theological Seminary in Lviv, Hushalevych wrote the song ‘Myr vam, brattia, vsim prynosym’ [We Bring All of You Peace, Brothers], which was recognized in 1848 by the Supreme Ruthenian Council in Lviv as the anthem of Galician Ukrainians. After graduating (1849), Hushalevych taught Ukrainian and catechism at the Academic Gymnasium of Lviv, with the exception of a few brief intervals, until his retirement (1889). In 1849 he began publishing Pchola, the first Ukrainian literary-scholarly journal in Galicia. From 1850 to 1853 he edited the newspaper Zoria halytska, and in 1863–4 he worked on the educational periodical Dom i shkola. By the 1850s he had begun to adopt a Russophile political orientation, which included a rejection of the written Ukrainian language in favor of yazychiie. Hushalevych was a deputy to the Galician Diet (1861–70), serving as a delegate to the State Council in Vienna (1867–70). In addition to writing poetry, he also wrote dramas for the Ukrainian theater in Galicia, and his operetta Pidhiriany (1879), set to music by Mykhailo Verbytsky, was popular in Western Ukraine.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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