Shematyzm (from Latin schematismus; German: Schematismus; Polish: szematyzm). An annual handbook of institutions and officeholders. In the Austrian Empire the government published one in German for the entire empire and one in German (1785–1869) or Polish (1780–1, 1870–1914) for Galicia and Lodomeria. It listed all dignitaries, functionaries, bishops, schools, teachers, and officers of community organizations.

The Ukrainian Catholic church published eparchial shematyzmy containing a historical survey of the eparchy and information about all clerics, other persons active in church life, parishes, church organizations, and church property. They came out annually (with occasional interruptions) from the early 19th century until the Second World War, first only in Latin, then in both Latin and Ukrainian, and finally only in Ukrainian. Directories for Mukachevo eparchy were published from 1814, for Peremyshl eparchy from 1828, for Lviv archeparchy and Križevci eparchy from 1832, for Prešov eparchy from 1848, and for Stanyslaviv eparchy from 1886. The last ones appeared in Lviv in 1944 and in Prešov in 1948. The Roman Catholic church published schematismi for Lviv archdiocese (1814–1915, 1917–39) and Peremyshl diocese (1819–1914, 1916–35), and the Armenian Catholic church for its Lviv archdiocese (1843–1939). The Orthodox archeparchy of Bukovyna issued a schematismus from 1841 until 1914, and the Lemko Apostolic Administration published one from 1936 until the Second World War. The Ukrainian Basilian Fathers published a shematyzm of the Basilian monastic order in 1867 and have issued a catalogus from Rome every few years since the First World War. The fullest collections of such ecclesiastical directories are preserved in the libraries of Rome, Vienna, and Warsaw. They have not been published in Soviet Ukraine.

In the West only a few such directories have been compiled by the Ukrainian Catholic church. In 1951 an annual English-language directory of Philadelphia archeparchy was first published. Jubilee shematyzmy were published by Toronto eparchy in 1963, by Saskatoon eparchy in 1961, and by the Byzantine Ruthenian metropolitan province in Pittsburgh in 1984. In addition, annual Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox almanacs published in Toronto, Yorkton, and South Bound Brook, New Jersey, have listed the names and addresses of Ukrainian clergy outside the USSR.

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