Shyian, Kyr

Shyian, Kyr [Шиян, Кир; Šyjan], b 21 June 1902 in Berezova Luka, Myrhorod county, Poltava gubernia, d 1974. Historian. He graduated from the Nizhyn Institute of People's Education (1930; later Nizhyn Pedagogical Institute) and taught in Kharkiv at the Scientific Research Institute of the History of Ukrainian Culture (1930–4), the Kharkiv Pedagogical Institute (1939–56), and Kharkiv University (from 1956; director of the department of the history of the USSR from 1963). He wrote Borot'ba robitnychoho klasu Ukraïny za vidbudovu promyslovosti (1921–1926 rr.) (The Struggle of the Working Class of Ukraine for the Rebuilding of Industry [1921–6], 1959), coauthored Mynule i suchasne sela (The Past and Present of the Village, 1963), and contributed to the collective works Istoriia robitnychoho klasu Ukraïns'koï RSR (History of the Working Class of the Ukrainian SSR, vol 2, 1967) and Rozvytok narodnoho hospodarstva Ukraïns'koï RSR, 1917–1967 (Development of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR, 1917–67, 1967).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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