Starytsky [Staryc’kyj]. A family of Cossack starshyna and Russian imperial nobility in the Poltava region. It was founded by Semen Starytsky in the early 17th century. His son, Luka Starytsky, was the archpriest of Poltava (1665–71). Luka's son, Zakhar Starytsky (d 1714), was a captain in Poltava regiment (1711–14). Zakhar's great-grandsons, Hryhorii (b 1731) and Vasyl (1737–95) Starytsky, founded two branches of the Starytsky family line. One branch was centered in Poltava; it included Heorhii (Yehor) Pavlovych Starytsky (b 27 November 1825, d 31 May 1899), a leading proponent of the 1864 judicial reform. He was an imperial senator (1867), a member of the State Council (1879), and head of the Department of Laws (1883–5). The other branch of the Starytsky family line was centered in Myrhorod; it included Mykhailo Starytsky and his daughters, Mariia Starytska and Liudmyla Starytska-Cherniakhivska.

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