Studynsky, Yurii

Studynsky, Yurii [Студинський, Юрій; Studyns'kyj, Jurij], b 9 December 1903 in Lviv, d 24 February 1965 in Munich. Economist and publicist; son of Kyrylo Studynsky. After graduating from Graz University (JD, 1926) and the University of Paris (JD, 1930) he worked as the Paris correspondent for the Lviv newspapers Novyi chas and Dilo. After the Second World War he taught economics, political science, and history at the Ukrainian Free University in Munich and served as dean of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. He was president of the Central Representation of the Ukrainian Emigration in Germany (1950–1, 1957–61). Besides articles he wrote Le problème agraire en Ukraine (1930), based on his doctoral dissertation, and translated three books on co-operation by C. Gide and G. Fauquet, which were published by the Audit Union of Ukrainian Co-operatives.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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