Temnytsky, Omelian

Temnytsky, Omelian [Темницький, Омелян; Temnyc'kyj, Omeljan], b 25 September 1881 in Khlopivka, Husiatyn county, Galicia, d 14 August 1918 in Odesa. Civic and political figure; brother of Volodymyr Temnytsky. He was a Galician political activist involved with the Ukrainian Social Democratic party and a contributor to several newspapers, such as Volia (Lviv), Zemlia i volia, Vpered (Lviv), and Naprzód, until he was arrested during the First World War by invading Russian forces in 1915 and sent to Siberia. With the outbreak of the Revolution of 1917 he escaped to Odesa, where he was editor of the daily newspaper Vistnyk Odesy, a financial commissioner and fellow of the city council, and head of the local Ukrainian Social Democratic Workers' party.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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