Titov, Teodor

Titov, Teodor [Тітов, Теодор] (Хведір, Федор; Khvedir, Fedor), b 1864 in Kursk gubernia, d 1922 in Hrehetek Monastery in Srem, Yugoslavia. Church historian, theologian, and archpriest. After graduating from the Kyiv Theological Academy in 1890, he lectured there and in 1905 became professor of Russian church history. He was editor of Kievskie eparkhial’nye vedomosti and a contributor to Trudy Kievskoi dukhovnoi akademii. During the First World War he served as assistant chaplain in the Russian army at the southwestern front. At the All-Ukrainian Church Sobor in 1918 he was elected to the All-Ukrainian Higher Holy Council. When the Bolsheviks occupied Kyiv in 1919, Titov emigrated to Yugoslavia.

Titov was one of the more productive scholars of the Kyiv Theological Academy; his main interest was the history of the Kyivan Mohyla Academy. He compiled and edited the third section of Akty i dokumenty, otnosiashchiesia k istorii Kievskoi akademii, 1796–1869 (Acts and Documents Pertaining to the History of the Kyiv Academy, 1796–1869, 5 vols, 1910–15), wrote a monograph on the academy, which came out under the title Stara vyshcha osvita v Kyïvs'kii Ukraïni: XVI–pochatok XIX v. (Old Higher Education in Kyivan Ukraine: The 16th to the Beginning of the 19th Century, 1924) in the collection series of the Historical-Philological Division of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and published a string of articles on the academy and its graduates in Trudy Kievskoi dukhovnoi akademii: an outline of its history (1898), its role in the Russian church and culture in the 17th and 18th centuries (1906), Dymytrii Tuptalo as a student of the academy (1909), the academy’s graduates at the Kyivan Cave Monastery (1913), the relation of the Romanov dynasty to the Kyiv Theological Academy (1911–12), the Kyiv Theological Academy in the reform period (1910–15), and the memory of Prince Volodymyr the Great at the Kyiv Theological Academy (1916). He was also the author of the three-volume work Russkaia Pravoslavnaia Tserkov' v Pol'sko-Litovskom gosudarstve v XVII–XVIII vv. (The Russian Orthodox Church in the Polish-Lithuanian State in the 17th–18th Centuries, 1905) and the editor of the collection Materiialy dlia istoriï knyzhnoï spravy na Vkraïni v XVI–XVIII vv. (Materials on the History of Book Publishing in Ukraine in the 16th–18th Centuries, 1924; repr, Köln–Vienna 1982).

Arkadii Zhukovsky

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