Ukrainian Brazilian Central Representation

Ukrainian Brazilian Central Representation (Українсько-бразилійська центральна репрезентація; Ukrainsko-brazyliiska tsentralna reprezentatsiia; Portuguese: Representaçao Central Ucraniano-Brasileira). An umbrella organization for Ukrainians in Brazil established in 1985. The founding members of the group included the Union for Agricultural Education, Ukrainian-Brazilian Youth Association, Ukrainian-Brazilian Club, Saint John the Baptist Social Services Society, General Administration of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church in Brazil, and ‘Unification’ (Sobornist) Society of Brazil. Except for the latter (centered in São Caetano do Sul–São Paulo), all the groups have their headquarters in Curitiba. The association’s purpose is to represent the Ukrainian community before the government, institutions, and the general public; to provide advice and facilitate co-operation in the areas of cultural affairs and social services; and to defend the interests of the Ukrainian community by all legal means. The first president was A. Antoniuk; he was followed in 1989 by M. Czaikowski. Two organizations have subsequently joined the association, the Brazilian Center for Ukrainian Studies and the Society of Friends of Ukrainian Culture. Among the most important activities of the group has been the creation of the Ukrainian Brazilian Foundation (Fundaçao Ucraniano-Brasileira, known popularly in Ukrainian as the ‘Dopomohova fundatsiia’) to co-ordinate the social assistance rendered to Ukrainians in Brazil from other parts of the world. Its first president was H. Bezruchka. The Representation is a member of the Ukrainian World Congress.

Natalia Kerechuk

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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