Ukrainskii al’manakh

Ukrainskii al’manakh [«Украинскій альманахъ»; Ukrainian Almanac]. The first Ukrainian literary miscellany, published in Kharkiv in 1831 by Izmail Sreznevsky. It was edited by I. Roskovshenko, and contained poetry and prose in Ukrainian and Russian by writers of the Kharkiv Romantic School, such as Roskovshenko, Sreznevsky, Levko Borovykovsky, Yevhen Hrebinka, Opanas Shpyhotsky, Pylyp Morachevsky, and Oleksander Afanasiev-Chuzhbynsky. It also published two dumas, nine folk songs, and translations of works by Aleksandr Pushkin and Adam Mickiewicz. Ukrainskii al’manakh played an important role in the early development of Ukrainian literature and influenced many later writers. Although subsequent volumes were planned, a shortage of funds precluded their appearance.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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