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Vimina, Alberto (Bellunese or da Ceneda; assumed names of Michele Bianchi), b 1 March 1603 in Belluno, Republic of Venice, d 1667 in Italy. Italian adventurer, priest, diplomat, and travel writer. In 1650 he was engaged by the Venetian consul to Vienna and the papal nuncio to approach Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Chyhyryn about forming an anti-Ottoman coalition. In 1656, after returning to Lviv, Vimina prepared several accounts of his journey (one of which was published in 1890 as Relazione dell' origine e dei costumi dei Cosacchi and reprinted in Russian translation in Kievskaia starina, 1899) and wrote a broader survey of the Cossack-Polish War titled Historia delle guerre civili di Polonia, which was published posthumously in Venice in 1671. A Ukrainian translation (by Kseniia Konstantynenko) of Vimina’s Relazione appeared in Kyïvs'ka starovyna in 1999 (no. 5). A Polish translation of Historia delle guerre civili di Polonia (by Krzysztof Żaboklicki, edited by Teresa Chynczewska-Hennel) was published in Białystok in 2017. Vimina’s writings have been analyzed by such scholars as Nykandr Molchanovsky, Myron Korduba, and others.

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