Voinarovsky-Stolobut, Tyt

Voinarovsky-Stolobut, Tyt [Войнаровський-Столобут, Тит; Vojnarovs'kyj-Stolobut], b 16 February 1856 in Liatske Shliakhetske, Tovmach county, Galicia, d 21 February 1938 in Lviv. Greek Catholic priest, economist, and civic leader. After graduating in theology from Lviv University (1878) he was ordained, and served as parish priest in various villages in Kolomyia county. In 1907 he was elected as a candidate of the National Democratic party to the Austrian parliament. To promote land distribution he inspired the founding of the Zemlia society in 1908 and the Land Mortgage Bank in 1909. Having been appointed canon of the metropolitan chapter and general administrator of the metropolitan’s estates he moved in 1910 to Lviv, where he persuaded Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky to donate estates in Korshiv and Myluvannia to agricultural schools. He was also active in the Silskyi Hospodar society as its vice-president (1918–21) and president (1929–36) and was vice-president of the Lviv Agricultural Chamber (1934–6). He devoted much of his time to economics and (usually under the pseudonym Danylo Zhuravel or Eugen von Slepowron) wrote articles and books on economic questions. For these and other works he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Ukrainian Husbandry Academy. His memoirs were published in Istorychni postati Halychyny XIX–XX st. (Historical Figures of Galicia in the 19th and 20th Centuries, ed Isydor Sokhotsky, 1961).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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