Volokh, Omelian

Volokh, Omelian [Волох, Омелян; Volox, Omeljan], b 30 July 1886 in Kalnybolotska stanytsia, Kuban, d 3 November 1937 in Sandarmokh, Karelia region, RSFSR. Revolutionary military figure. He was an otaman commanding the Second Ukrainian Regiment (1917), the Haidamaka Infantry Regiment (1918), and the Zaporozhian Corps and Haidamaka Brigade (1919)(see Haidamaka Battalion of Slobidska Ukraine). On 1 December 1919 he attempted an uprising against the Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic. Although it was unsuccessful, he made away with the treasury and went over to the Bolshevik side. He was arrested in 1933 during the Stalinist terror and send to prison on the Solovets Islands. He was later executed by the NKVD during mass killings of political prisoners. He was posthumously ‘rehabilitated’ in 1989.

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