Women's Hromada in Bukovyna

Women's Hromada in Bukovyna (Zhinocha hromada na Bukovyni). A cultural and charitable organization of Ukrainian women active in Bukovyna in 1906–40. By 1918 it had 14 branches and approx 600 members throughout the region. The society organized nurseries, an orphanage, a tailor's workshop and sewing school, a girls' residence, and folk-art workshops in Chernivtsi. It also published Hutsul and Podilian embroidery designs; participated in arts and crafts exhibitions in Chernivtsi (1912), Vienna (1912), The Hague, and Kyiv (1913); and organized exhibitions of Hutsul handicrafts (1927) and Bukovynian folk costumes (1935) in Chernivtsi. The leading members of the Women's Hromada were E. Kumanovska, Konstantyna Malytska, E. Smal-Stotska, K. Kostetska, Z. Hrushkevych, Ye. Halip, Ye. Korduba, E. Sterniuk, M. Levytska, V. Lukashevych, Olha Huzar, A. Fedorovych, and I. Hordiichuk.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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