Yurkevych, Viktor

Yurkevych, Viktor [Юркевич, Віктор; Jurkevyč], b 7 January 1899 in Aleksandropol (now Gyumri), Armenia, d 12 September 1939 in Adak, Komi ASSR, RSFSR. Historian. In the 1920s he studied under Mykhailo Hrushevsky at the Scientific Research Chair of the History of Ukraine at the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN) in Kyiv, and from 1927 he worked for the VUAN Commission for the Study of Modern Ukrainian History. He was a specialist in 16th- and 17th-century Ukrainian social history. He contributed articles to serials of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and wrote a monograph about the eastward migration of Ukrainians and the colonization of Slobidska Ukraine in the time of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky (1932). He was arrested during the Yezhov terror of 1937 and sent to a GULAG concentration camp, where he perished.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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