Zarudny, Ivan

Zarudny, Ivan [Зарудний, Іван; Zarudnyj], b 1670? in Kyiv, d 1727 in Saint Petersburg. Architect and wood sculptor. He studied at the Kyivan Mohyla College and worked as an architect for Hetman Ivan Mazepa in Baturyn. In 1690 Mazepa sent him to Moscow. There Zarudny built Mazepa’s home and the arch of triumph (1696) commemorating the Russian victory at Oziv. He then studied abroad, and in 1701 he returned to Moscow, where he became the chief architect. He introduced various Ukrainian architectural forms and methods in Russian architecture. In Moscow he designed and supervised the building of the famous Campanile Church of the Archangel Gabriel (1704–7) commissioned by Count Aleksandr Menshikov, the Trinity Cathedral at the Zaikonospasskii Monastery, the Church of Saint John the Warrior, several other arches of triumph, a hospital (1706), and the building of the Holy Synod (1723). In 1707 the Holy Synod appointed Zarudny director of icon and all other painting in the Russian Empire. Zarudny himself designed several iconostases, including ones in the Transfiguration Cathedral in Tallinn (1719) and in the cathedral at the Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg (1722–7).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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