Zemanchyk, Ivan

Zemanchyk, Ivan or Jan [Земанчик, Іван or Ян; Zemančyk; Земанський, Zemansky; Семантюк, Semantiuk], b 1752 in Starina, Prešov region, d 19 June 1825 in Vienna. Naturalist, physicist, and pedagogue. He was raised in Transcarpathia. Educated in Pest and Göttingen, he became professor (1787–1804) at Lviv University, where he taught mathematics and physics in Ukrainian at the Studium Ruthenum. In 1795–6 he was dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, and in 1803–4 rector of the university. He later became a professor at Cracow University and in 1806–7 was dean of the Faculty of Philosophy there. In 1813–22 he worked as professor of physics and mechanics at Vienna University.

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