Zhurakovsky [Жураковський; Žurakovs'kyj]. A family line of nobility and Cossack starshyna in Left-Bank Ukraine. Mykhailo Zhurakovsky was a captain of Sosnytsia company (1649). His son, Yakiv Zhurakovsky (d 1704), was a captain of Hlukhiv company and then colonel of Nizhyn regiment (1678–85); he fought in the 1677–8 Chyhyryn campaigns. Yakiv’s sons were Lukiian Zhurakovsky (colonel of Nizhyn regiment in 1701–18) and Vasyl Zhurakovsky. Lukiian’s grandson was Andrii Zhurakovsky, the last colonel of Nizhyn regiment (1774–82). Also a member of the line was Irodion Zhurakovsky (d 1736), the bishop of Chernihiv in 1722–33.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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