Image - A page from the Horodyshche (Khrystopil) Apostolos (12th-century). Image - An engraving of Saint Luke in Apostolos (1574) (attributed to Lavrentii Fylypovych-Pukhalsky).

Apostolos. A book containing the acts and epistles of the apostles, which is read during the liturgy. The name Apostolos also refers to the section of the liturgy preceding the reading of the Gospels. The earliest extant handwritten apostolos in Ukraine is the Khrystynopil or Horodyshche Apostolos (12th century). Later handwritten manuscripts include the Krekhiv Apostolos (1563–72). Early Ukrainian printed editions of the apostolos were the Lviv edition published by Ivan Fedorovych (Fedorov) in 1574, the Kyiv editions of the 17th-18th century (starting with 1630), the Lviv edition of 1639, the Uhertsi edition of 1620, the Lutsk edition of 1640, and the Pochaiv, Zhovkva, and many other editions.

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Image - A page from the Krekhiv Apostolos (1563-72). Image - A page from the Lviv Apostolos (1574).

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