Ameryka (Philadelphia)

Ameryka (Philadelphia) (America). A Ukrainian Catholic newspaper published in Philadelphia since 1912 by the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America. At first Ameryka was a weekly, then during the First World War, a daily. From 1918 it appeared three times a week, and since 1951 it has been published five times a week. Its editors since 1912 have been Rev R. Zalitach, Rev O. Pavliak, Antin Tsurkovsky, Osyp Nazaruk, Lonhyn Tsehelsky, Volodymyr Lototsky, Bohdan Katamai, Hryhorii Luzhnytsky, Yevhen Zyblikevych, M. Pasika, Lev Shankovsky, and I. Bilynsky; currently the editor is M. Dolnytsky. Circulation has varied over the years, peaking at 10,000–12,000 readers in the 1950s to 1970s; at present it is approximately 5,000.

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