Boryskovych, Isaakii

Boryskovych, Isaakii [Boryskovyč, Isaakij], ?–1641. Orthodox church leader and educator. For some time he lived at Mount Athos. He was the founder and hegumen (1602) of Derman Monastery, then the hegumen of Cherchychi Monastery, and one of the organizers of the Lutsk Brotherhood of the Elevation of the Cross (1617). He lectured at the Lutsk Brotherhood of the Elevation of the Cross School. In 1620 he received the stauropegion privilege for the brotherhood from Theophanes III, the patriarch of Jerusalem, and in 1621 Theophanes III consecrated him bishop of Lutsk and Ostrih. The Polish king, Sigismund III Vasa, did not, however, recognize the consecration. Boryskovych participated in all the Orthodox sobors, including the Sobor of 1640.

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