Ladomyrova Gospel

Ladomyrova Gospel [Ладомирівське учительне євангеліє; Ladomyrivske uchytelne yevanheliie]. A 17th-century manuscript of 242 folios written in the pivustav script that was discovered at the Ladomyrova Monastery in the Prešov region. It consists of didactics and Sunday Gospel readings. Its anti-Reformation teachings indicate that it was written during the spread of Lutheranism. Its language, which has local dialectal elements, was studied by Ivan Pankevych (Naukovyi zbirnyk Tovarystva Prosvita v Uzhhorodi, 1923). The gospel was copied from the same original as the didactic gospel found in I. Kapyshovsky's eparchial library in Prešov, which had been composed in the vernacular of the Boiko-Sian dialectal boundary (see Boiko dialect and Sian dialects). There are textual parallels between the Ladomyrova Gospel and the Peresopnytsia Gospel.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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