Lan [Лан]. A publishing house established in Kyiv in 1909 by Oleksander Hrushevsky. Directed by Yurii Tyshchenko, it published, using the zhelekhivka script, books for children and teenagers by Tyshchenko (on the life of plants and the Crimea), Mykyta Shapoval (on the forest), Yurii Budiak (on savage peoples), Mykhailo Hrushevsky (his historical story about Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky), Stepan Rudnytsky (on the physical geography of Ukraine), and Vasyl Koroliv-Stary (on healing domestic animals); a collection of Leonid Hlibov’s fables; A. Hrushevska’s story Nad morem (At the Sea); and collections of stories by Rudyard Kipling (translated by Tyshchenko), E.T. Seton (translated by Tyshchenko), W. Hauff (translated by Oleksander Oles), and others. The books’ covers were designed by Ivan Buriachok. Lan ceased operating in 1913 after Tyshchenko was forced to emigrate.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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