Omelianovych-Pavlenko, Ivan

Omelianovych-Pavlenko, Ivan [Омельянович-Павленко, Іван; Omeljanovyč-Pavlenko], b 31 August 1881 in Baku, Transcaucasian krai, d 8 September 1962 in Chicago. Senior field commander of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic; brother of Mykhailo Omelianovych-Pavlenko. From 1901 he was a regular officer in the Russian army. In 1917 he commanded the Russian Eighth Hussar Regiment, which he Ukrainianized as the Lubny 22nd Cavalry (Hetman Sahaidachny) Regiment. During 1918 he was commander of the Kharkiv Cossack Battalion and then of the Navariia Group of the Ukrainian Galician Army on the Polish front (December 1918–February 1919). After returning to the UNR Army he became chief cavalry staff officer, and in the spring of 1920 he took command of the Separate Cavalry Division of the Army of the UNR. In October 1920 he was promoted to brigadier general. In the interwar period he lived in Poland and Czechoslovakia. After the Second World War he emigrated to the United States.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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