Savytsky [Савицький; Savyc’kyj]. A family line of Cossack starshyna, whose members later became landowners and community activists in the Poltava region and the Chernihiv region. Stepan Savytsky was a military clerk (1712) and the chancellor of Lubny regiment (1714–39), and a member of the codification committee that compiled the Code of Laws of 1743. Among the descendants of the Savytsky family line were Andrii Savytsky (1811–84), a landowner in Krolevets who was an activist for peasant reform in 1861, an economist and philosopher, and the author of the work Opyt estestvennogo bogosloviia (Inquiry into Natural Theology, 1879–84); Andrii's nephew, Mykola Savytsky, marshal of the nobility in Krolevets county (1896–9), head of the Chernihiv gubernia zemstvo administration (from 1906), and Chernihiv gubernial starosta in 1918; and Mykola's son, Petro Savytsky.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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