Semenivka, Chernihiv region

Semenivka, Chernihiv region. Map: I-13. A town smt (2001 pop 9,656) on the Revna River and a raion center in Chernihiv oblast. It was founded in the 1680s as a Cossack settlement in Starodub regiment by Col S. Samoilovych. After the abolition of the Hetman state it belonged to Novhorod-Siverskyi vicegerency (1782–96), Little Russia gubernia (1796–1802), and Chernihiv gubernia. In 1919, as part of Homel gubernia, Semenivka became part of Russia, but in 1926 it was reassigned to Hlukhiv and then Konotop okruhas in Ukraine. Since 1932 it has been part of Chernihiv oblast. In the 19th century the town manufactured woolen cloth and sugar. Today it has a footwear, a starch, and a brick factory.

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