Image - Svitlovodsk: city center. Image - A sluice on the Dnieper River near Svitlovodsk.

Svitlovodsk or Svitlovodske [Світловодськ; Svitlovods'k or Світловодське; Svitlovods'ke]. Map: IV-14. A city (2016 pop 45,673) on the Kremenchuk Reservoir and a raion center in Kirovohrad oblast. It arose in 1961, when the inhabitants of Novoheorhiivske (est 1680s), Taburyshche (est 17th century), and Kryliv (est 12th century, in the 18th century one of the regimental centers of New Serbia) were resettled in the workers’ settlement of Kremenchukhesbud (est 1954) to make way for the flooding of the Kremenchuk Reservoir. In 1962 the city was renamed Kremhes, and in 1969, Svitlovodsk. It is a river port and an industrial center with a hydroelectric station, several nonferrous metallurgical plants, and a furniture, a ceramics, and a plastics factory.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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