Archival commissions

Archival commissions. Gubernia archival institutions, established at the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century, whose purpose was to preserve, systematize, describe, study, and publish archival materials. They also served as custodians of old monuments. The following archival commissions existed in Ukraine (in chronological order by date of establishment): (1) the Tavriia Learned Archival Commission, established in 1887 in Simferopol and active until 1920. It published its own Izvestiia (57 issues, 1887–1920). Its main collaborators were A. Markevich and F. Lashkov. (2) the Chernihiv Learned Archival Commission, established in 1897 in Chernihiv. It published its Trudy (12 issues, 1897–1915, 1917). Its main collaborators were Vadym Modzalevsky, P. Dobrovolsky, Arkadii Verzylov, and Petro Ya. Doroshenko. (3) the Poltava Gubernia Learned Archival Commission, active from 1903 to 1917 in Poltava. It published its Trudy (15 issues, 1905–17). Its main collaborators were Ivan F. Pavlovsky, Lev Padalka, M. Astriab, Volodymyr Parkhomenko, and Volodymyr Shchepotiev. Modzalevsky, Viktor Barvinsky, and Pavlo Fedorenko also participated in its work. (4) the Katerynoslav Learned Archival Commission, active from 1903 to 1915 in Katerynoslav. It published Letopis' Ekaterinoslavskoi gubernskoi uchenoi arkhivnoi komissii (10 issues, 1904–15). The main collaborators were Antin Syniavsky, Yakiv Novytsky, Vasyl Bidnov, Dmytro Doroshenko, and Volodymyr Picheta. Some commissions, mainly the Chernihiv and Poltava commissions, also published separate monographs on history, archeology, archeography, bibliography, and the like. Kyiv and Kherson also had archival commissions, but they were less active and had no publications of their own.

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