Association for the Advancement of Ukrainian Culture

Association for the Advancement of Ukrainian Culture (Асоціяція діячів української культури; Asotsiiatsiia diiachiv ukrainskoi kultury). Association of Ukrainian writers, artists, actors, journalists, and scholars outside Ukraine that was organized by contributors to Ukrainian culture associated politically with the organizations of the Ukrainian Liberation Front. The association had national organizations in the United States and Canada and branches or representations in Western Europe, Argentina, and Brazil. In the 1980s its membership numbered over 100. The association published two collections of Estafeta (The Relay Message) in Toronto and collections of poetry by various authors. Its magazine, Terem, appeared irregularly in Detroit under the editorship of Yurii Tys (seven issues by 1982), and its ‘Literatura i mystetstvo’ (Literature and Art) appears as a monthly supplement in the weekly paper Homin Ukraïny. The executive of the association was located in Toronto. In 1970 Bohdan Stebelsky succeeded Mykhailo Kushnir as president of the association. Some of its prominent members have been V. Davydenko, V. Dovhaniuk, Roman Kukhar, Volodymyr Lasovsky, Leonid Poltava, Bohdan Romanenchuk, Mykhailo Sosnovsky, and Mykhailo Chereshnovsky.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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