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Bibikov, Serhii [Бібіков, Сергій], b 14 September 1908 in Sevastopol, d 21 November 1988 in Kyiv. Archeologist, from 1958 a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, director of the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR in 1955–7, and after that the head of the institute’s department of primitive society. He studied sites of the Paleolithic Period (such as Luka-Vrublivetska, the Shan-Koba and Murzak-Koba sites in the Crimea, and the Mizyn archeological site) and the Mesolithic Period, and agricultural sites of the Neolithic Period, and, in particular, of the early Trypillia culture. He identified some of the mammoth-bone artefacts from the Mizyn archeological site as examples of some of the oldest known musical instruments. Among Bibikov’s works dealing with the early Trypillia period and the Stone Age in Ukraine are: Drevnii kamennyi vek v Krymu (The Old Stone Age in the Crimea, Leningrad 1940); Verkhn'opaleolitychni znakhidky na Seredn'omu Podnistrov'ï (Upper Paleolithic Discoveries in the Middle Dnister Region, 1949); Rannetripol'skoe poselenie Luka- Vrublevetskaia na Dnestre (The Early Trypillia Settlement of Luka-Vrublivetska on the Dnister, 1953); Issledovanie tripol'skikh pamiatnikov na Srednem Podnestrov'e (The Investigation of Trypillian Monuments in the Middle Dnister Region, 1955), Drevneishii muzykal'nyi kompleks iz kostei mamonta: Ocherk materiial'noi i dukhovnoi kul'tury paleoliticheskogo cheloveka (The Oldest Musical Complex Made of Mammoth Bones: An Outline of the Material and Spiritual Culture of the Paleolithic Man, 1981), and Final'nyi paleolit i mezolit Gornogo Kryma (The Late Paleolithic Period and Mesolithic Period of the Crimean Mountains; together with V. Stanko and V. Cohen, 1994).

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