Boichuk, Tymofii

Image - Tymofii Boichuk: By the Apple Tree (1920).   Image - Tymofii Boichuk: Seed Sellers (1916). Image - Tymofii Boichuk: Group Portrait (early 1920s)

Boichuk, Tymofii [Бойчук, Тимофій; Bojčuk, Tymofij] (aka Tymko), b 27 September 1896 in Romanivka, Ternopil county, d 1922 in Kyiv. Modernist painter and graphic designer. In 1914 he left his village to live with his much older and more famous brother, Mykhailo Boichuk, and to work with him and Mykola Kasperovych on the restoration of the iconostasis in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Lemeshi, Chernihiv region. After the February Revolution of 1917 the two brothers lived in Kyiv. There Tymofii studied at the Ukrainian State Academy of Arts and his brother’s monumental-painting workshop (1917–22), and participated in the painting of frescoes in the Lutsk regimental army barracks in Kyiv (1919), where he completed the large compositions Demonstration, By the Apple Tree, Ploughing, Red Army Camp, and From the Same Cauldron. Under his brother’s supervision he created large-scale paintings in the Kyiv Theatre of Opera and Ballet for the First Congress of Regional Executive Committees (1919), collaborating with Serhii Kolos on the tableau The Blacksmith. His other paintings include Two Women Selling Seeds (1916), and, in 1919–20, Planting Potatoes, In the Pasture (now at the Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow), In the Cobbler’s Shop, and Feeding Hogs. Boichuk died of tuberculosis. Dmytro Antonovych’s booklet about him, Tymko Boichuk, was published in Prague in 1929.

Kravchenko, Iaroslav. Shkola Mykhaila Boichuka. Trydttsiat sim imen (Kyiv 2010)

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