Dovhal, Spyrydon

Dovhal, Spyrydon [Довгаль, Спиридон; Dovhal'], b 31 October 1896 in Nosivka, Chernihiv gubernia, d 15 October 1975 in Munich, West Germany. Journalist, political leader, economics lecturer at the Ukrainian Technical and Husbandry Institute. He was the co-founder and commander of the Student Battalion of Sich Riflemen during the fighting in Kyiv in the winter of 1917–18. Then he was appointed lieutenant colonel of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. As an émigré Dovhal edited the periodicals Nova Ukraïna (Prague) in 1925–9, Vpered (Uzhhorod) in 1932–8, Nova svoboda in Uzhhorod in 1938–9, Dozvillia in Berlin and Plauen in 1942–5, and Slovo (Regensburg) in 1945–6. He was a member of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Party of Socialist Revolutionaries abroad. In 1950 he became a member and the chairman of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Socialist party abroad. He was active in the Ukrainian National Council and in 1972–5 served as its president. In 1969–72 he was the chairman of the council’s executive agency. Dovhal wrote several works on economics.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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