Druzhnyi Lykhvar

Druzhnyi Lykhvar (Дружній лихвар; A Friendly Usurer). A student self-help and educational association established in Lviv on 10 December 1870. Druzhnii Lykhvar had a populist orientation and the majority of its members were Lviv University students. It was headed by Volodymyr Hankevych and later by Andrii Chaikovsky. From 1875, apart from providing assistance to students in need, the association organized lectures and concerts and it established a library for its members. In 1876–7, under the influence of Mykhailo Drahomanov, it briefly joined forces with the Academic Circle. In 1881 the association published one of the first anthologies of Ukrainian poetry Antolohiia rus'ka (A Ruthenian Anthology). On 30 June 1882 Druzhnii Lykhvar was reorganized into the Academic Brotherhood.

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