Academic Brotherhood

Academic Brotherhood (Академічне братство; Akademichne bratstvo). A student self-help and educational organization in Lviv with a populist orientation. It was established on 30 June 1882 on the basis of the association Druzhnyi Lykhvar. The majority of the brotherhood’s members were Lviv University students The brotherhood had a library and it organized lectures, concerts, lecture tours, and vacation regional-studies expeditions. It was subdivided into various scholarly and professional groups. In 1888 it published a short-lived journal Tovarysh (A Comrade). From 1891 it printed a publishing series ‘Iuvileina biblioteka’ (Jubilee Library) as well as books by Ivan Franko, Oleksander Kolessa, Volodymyr Navrotsky, and others. In 1892 some portion of its members left to establish the Vatra student society. In 1896 the Academic Brotherhood reunited with the Vatra society to form the Academic Hromada (Lviv).

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