Dutchak, Vasyl

Dutchak, Vasyl [Dutčak, Vasyl’], 1869–1947. A Bukovynian civic and political leader, lawyer, deputy to the Romanian parliament (1930–2). Dutchak was one of the founders of the Ukrainian National Organization in Chernivtsi (1922–7) and a member of the executive of the Ukrainian National party in Bukovyna (1927–38). As a member of parliament he protested the infringement by the Romanian authorities of Ukrainian national rights in Bukovyna and drafted four petitions to the League of Nations on this issue. Dutchak published a number of works on law in Ukrainian, German, and Romanian: Tabuliarni dobra i dvirs’ki obshary na Bukovyni (Tabular Property and Estate Lands in Bukovyna, 1907), Iak vidzhyvaiut’ davni shtuchni obshary dvirs’ki na Bukovyni (How the Old Artificial Estate Lands Are Being Revived in Bukovyna, 1912), ‘Innere Kolonisation in der Bukowina,’ in Zur Beleuchtung der Agrarreform (1920), Das Feststellen der rumänischen Staatsangehörigkeit (1923), Das Minimum der Volksstammrechte in Rumänien (1923), and others. He contributed articles to the following newspapers: Bukovyna (which he edited in 1896), Chas (Chernivtsi), and Czernowitzer Allgemeine Zeitung.

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